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Dishwasher cleaner dishes

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Zack  recommends these tips to

help you keep your dishwasher in top running order.

It is best before starting the load, run your water until it is real hot. Your dishes will get cleaner if the water starts out hot.

If you can, turn on your garbage disposal before running the dishwasher. This also helps keep the drains cleared. The dishwasher and the garbage disposal drain into the same pipe as your sink, so keeping that drain clear is a great help.

To get your dishes really clean it is best to have your water heater set to around 120F (50C). Water that is cold won’t clean as effectively, and water temperatures to hot could cause serious burns.

It is best to run your loads as full as you can, but not over loaded so the dishes can’t get enough water pressure.

Don’t over-rinse dirty dishes. Your dishwasher detergent needs grease and grime in order to effectively do its job.