24 Things You can Wash in your washing machine safely!

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We are about to make your life easier! Have you ever wondered what you can wash in your washing machine besides clothes? Here are 24 things you can wash in your washing machine besides clothes!!!

Your washing machine can do a lot more than just wash clothes! There are quite a few items you can safely wash in your washing machine! We are going to fill you in on quite a few:
1. Mop Heads
It is recommended that you sanitize your mop head after each use. Instead of getting that grime all over your hands just set the washer to a small load and hot or sanitize and put the mop head in a mesh lingerie bag and put it in with your normal clothes. It will come out looking brand new!!

2. Bath sponges
You can clean your bath sponges just like a mop head. Put it in a mesh lingerie bag and put it in with your laundry.

3. Kitchen Sponges
Kitchen sponges can also go in the washer. Put your machine on sanitize or the hot water setting and run a quick wash.

4. Stuffed animals
If you have kiddos this one is super important! Stuffed animals get grimy and dusty. Put them in a mesh bag and wash them on a gentle cycle. Make sure you check the label first verify it can be machine washed. If it has foam beads inside or glued on details or it’s old. Don’t wash it in the washing machine.

5. Plushies
If your plushies have a voice box or other tech, do not wash in the washing machine.

6. Small toys
Your can clean small toys in the wash! Put them in a mesh bag and use the sanitize setting.

7. Silicone Trivets and oven mitts
As long as they aren’t too dirty you can wash these in with your regular loads, just use a warm wash cycle. I usually put mine in with a load of towels.

8. Small rugs and mats
Bathroom rugs and small rugs can be washed in the washer but your need to make sure you use the warm water and gentle cycle. Otherwise, they can shrink or you can crack the rubber liner on the mats.

9. Car floor mats
This one blew my mind! Make sure you dust them off and pretreat any stains and then wash them in warm water on the gentle cycle.

10. Bed pillows
Put one pillow in the washer with fabric softener and your regular detergent. Use the small load setting and the sanitize mode or set the water temperature to hot. This will work on both down and synthetic pillows. Fluff your pillow in the dryer.

11. Chair pillows
Small chair and couch pillows can be washed the same way as bed pillows.

12. Couch cushion covers
If the cushions on your couch have zippers, they can be thrown in the washing machine.

13. Dog beds
Most dog beds can be washed like pillows, if there is cardboard inside to make the bottom stiff, do not wash the dog bed in the washing machine.

14. Down comforters
I would only recommend this if you have an extra-large frontloading washer. Since there is not agitator there is less of a chance of damaging the comforter. Don’t use too much soap. This can leave you with a lumpy, matted comforter. You will want to dry your comforter on the delicate cycle and this can take a couple hours for it to get totally dry. Use tennis balls to help fluff up the comforter as it dries.

15. Tennis shoes
I like to wash my tennis shoes with towels, it helps to stifle the loud thudding noises that shoes make in the washer. Use the warm water setting.

16. Shower curtains and liners
Just make sure you use warm water as the cold water can make plastic curtains and liners crack and rip.

17. Curtains
Rayon, cotton, and polyester curtains can be washed on the gentle cycle in warm water.

18. Backpacks
Just turn your backpack inside out and wash them in warm water and air dry.

19. Cloth lunch sacks
Cloth lunch bags and sacks can be washed the same way as backpacks, just turn them inside out

20. Reusable shopping bags
Just toss them in with a warm water load. I like to air dry mine.

21. Yoga mats
You can wash it on the gentle cycle with warm water. Just be sure to skip the spin cycle and be sure to air dry.

22. Baseball caps
Just use the cold water setting and use the gentle cycle and air dry. Using a hat rack will help it keep its shape.

23. Belts
You can wash woven belts in a normal load of laundry. Make sure you put them in a mesh bag so the metal doesn’t damage your machine and air dry.

24. Mouse pads
You can throw foam mousepads in a load set on the gentle cycle with warm water. Let it air dry.