Appliance Repair Kansas City – Selecting a Company

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Appliance Repair Companies
Finding quality appliance repair in Kansas City can be a tough task if you are unfamiliar with the business. There are many options out there, but it is important to realize that not all repair companies are created equal. Here at Able Appliance, we strongly believe in quality service and customized solutions that meet out customer’s needs at a competitive price. If you are in the market for any type of appliance repairs in Kansas City our the surrounding areas, read this post to learn why we know we are the #1 company available.

Able Appliance has a solid reputation as a quality repair firm. With over 100 years of combined service in business, we have a large depth of experience in all things related to appliance repairs. Customers over the last century have been greatly satisfied with our services, and this is reflected in our online reviews and testimonials you can check out here. Many firms come and go from this industry, but it takes a truly special one to stand the test of time. In addition to doing appliance repairs for over 28 years, we have been in the heating and cooling business for over 25 years.

Our company is a family firm, with over 15 current family members employed. This is something that really gives us an advantage over other businesses in terms of expertise. Where as many other companies have a constant flow of employees coming and going- with none truly specializing in one particular area- our employees are raised on repair knowledge and keep passing it along. We also take great pride in what we do and delivering the best services possible.

Here at Able Appliance we offer some of the best rates available in the business, and most definitely for the Kansas City area. At just FREE for a service call, our prices cannot be beat. Our large size allows us to maintain these rates while still keeping the friendly support and great customer service only small businesses can offer. In addition to service calls, our rates for specific appliance repairs are also very competitive. We encourage you to compare us to our competitors since we are very certain about our pricing position.

Response Time
We offer telephone support  6 days a week, something most other appliance repair firms cannot boast. In addition, the vast majority of our support call-outs (over 80%) are responded to within one day’s time (24 hours), an exceptional time for the industry. If you are searching for appliance repair services in Kansas City, make sure you do your research before hiring anyone. We strongly believe that our firm, Able Appliance, is the #1 in the business due to our reputation, expertise, competitive pricing, and response time. Call us today for more information in Kansas 913-648-8438 Missouri 816-453-8650

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