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An appliance repair is the last thing anyone wants to spend money on in the middle of the summer, but sometimes these summer months are when our appliances decide they want to have issues. Able Appliance Repair has over 40 years of history within Kansas City as one of the top appliance repair companies – but let’s tell you why!

Able Appliance Repair in Kansas City has no hidden fees or add-on charges for evening or weekend service! When needing an appliance repair, you want a company with experience in many different areas. Thankfully for you, that’s part of the charm of Able Appliance Repair. Our appliance repair services include:

·        Refrigerator Repairs
·        Ice Maker Repairs
·        Washing Machine Repairs
·        Dryer Repairs
·        Garbage Disposal Repairs
·        Oven, Range, and Stove Repairs
·        Dishwasher Repairs

We even service numerous brands, so you don’t have to stress! We have built a solid reputation within the repair field and have a considerable depth of knowledge in all things relating to appliance repair. Plus, with our service technicians’ excellent work, we have stayed below the average of our competitors’ prices. Did you know Able Appliance has provided in-home appliance repair services in the greater Kansas City area since 1983? We also continue to offer a FREE service call – with an appliance repair. We offer a wide range of in-home appliance repair services as well. Our company is a proud member of the BBB and other local and national consumer service companies, which provide referrals and protection against local service companies that do not offer honest, dependable services for our community. Our appliance repair services are even rated “A” by the Better Business Bureau!

Able Appliance Repair in Kansas City is your fast, friendly, efficient appliance repair company. Modern appliances have come a long way since the days of washboards and iceboxes. Every now and then, for one reason or another, our contemporary appliances need to be serviced or repaired. That’s when it’s time to call our experts. Contact us today at one of our many locations or message us on our website. 

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