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Appliance Repair Company Near You!

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When you need an appliance repair company, call an Able Appliance location near you! Servicing the areas of North Kansas City, Liberty, Gladstone, Platte Woods, Weatherby… Read More

Maintaining Your Water Heater

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Water heaters are usually the most overlooked and under-maintained appliance in the home, with this being said, I have some cleaning and maintaining tips so you can try… Read More

Questions And Answers About Ovens

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You just got back from the store (where you probably spent more then you were supposed to) ready to make a delicious meal and suddenly your oven won’t turn on or heat… Read More

Heating and Cooling Maintenance

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Heating and cooling systems will keep you feeling comfortable year-around with proper attention and maintenance.

Heat pump systems and the oil fired furnaces as well… Read More

Winterize Your Appliances

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Tips on Protecting Your Home for Cold Temperatures


When winter comes around, it’s crucial to prepare your home for the cold temperatures so you can enjoy … Read More

Dryer Problems

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Dryer having problems with a loud dryer with heavy loads?

This could be caused by two very common things. The first one is the blower wheel, and the other is the idler pulley.… Read More

Appliance Maintenance Tips

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Rusty dish rack tines

The rust on your dishwasher racks could lead to ruined silverware and dishes. Buy a tine repair kit to solve this, and use a sealant to attach the replacement… Read More

We don’t cut corners

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Able Appliance Repair Service

Able Appliance Service doesn’t cut corners. We make sure you’re fully satisfied with the service. We want our customers to… Read More

Heating and Cooling

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Heating & Cooling Able Appliance repair is a locally owned and operated family based company.

We at Able have been servicing the metro Kansas City area since 1993. … Read More