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Common Ice Maker Problems to Fix

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You may be thinking, why don’t they just fix the ice maker if there is a problem, but really they wish they could. They can’t fix them because ice machines aren’t a closed system. They aren’t like refrigerators, which are only connected to electricity, and they aren’t grills that are connected to a non-corrosive fuel source that is eliminated during the process.

Unlike refrigerators, ice machines are more like dishwashers, which are connected to an ongoing supply of water. That means you’ll find that most of the problems with ice machines are made because of water.

Low water flow to the ice machine can be a common problem going on in your ice maker. This could either be caused by the water supply or the water filter might be plugged up. This can cause undersized and deformed cubes or it may cause the evaporator to freeze up, which will halt the production.

Water leaking in to the machine, again, is another common problem. This is usually caused by a leaky inlet water valve. Whenever this happens, ice cubes become over sized. You may think that over sized ice cubes would be cool, but unfortunately the large size will be too big and they can get stuck in the evaporator, which causes it to freeze.

The room temperature can too warm for the ice machines production to water and air temperature. Higher water and air temperatures result in lower production. A batch of ice will take longer to produce because the most common problem is higher air temperatures. This isn’t a problem, it is just a fact of ice machine production, and around 95 degrees the ice machine will stop producing ice.

Lastly, high water temperature can also be a problem that is in your ice maker. Water in excess of 90 degrees will take too long to freeze and will trip the freeze cycle timer.After this, the ice machine will shutdown to protect itself. This problem is usually caused by a piece of equipment, like a dishwasher that pumps hot water into a cold water line.