Common Washing Machine Issues

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Common Washing Machine Issues

The most common washing machine issues is that even though they basically all work the same , they are very different. They all work with water, So they all have water related problems. Problems such as, Calcium build up, and  rust.

The basic way a washer works is that the controls are set in your preferred wash cycle and water is injected by a water valve that fills the tub. The washer is usually stopped by a pressure switch that measures the water. When the water has been measured the machine goes into the wash cycle. This cycle mixes the detergent and moves the action for a set time. Then the clothes have to be rinsed. This happens by removing the dirty water and inserting fresh water.

The next cycle is called a rinse and spin cycle. This works by draining the rinse water and spraying the clothes as they spin. The final cycle for a washing machine is known as the final spin or drying cycle. This happens by the motor turning the tub at a high rate of speed and pumping the water out of the tub until the clothes cannot hold water.

Now that you see how the machine works, I hope you understand that when things break on such a simple machine, a washer repair  can be very complicated for the average person.

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Common Washing Machine Issues