How to Deep Clean Your Dishwasher

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Avoid a dishwasher appliance repair with these dishwasher cleaning and maintenance tips.

You’re probably not thinking about cleaning your dishwasher when you deep clean your house. When your dishes are getting cleaned, wouldn’t you think your dishwasher is getting even cleaner each load?

Sadly, that is not the case because debris and deposits build up over time. Some of them reduce the performance of the dishwasher, while other gunk may result in an appliance repair. Here are 7 simple steps to help you deep clean your dishwasher and prevent problems:

1. Soak your dishwasher parts

Fill the sink half full of water and add 2 cups of vinegar. This is where you will place your dishwasher bits to soak while you clean up around the walls and base of the appliance.

If you don’t have vinegar, then you can use lemonade drink mix or lemon flavored Kool-Aid mix (Don’t use strong colors that might stain. There is no reason to add sugar), lemon juice or any dishwasher cleaning products.

2. Remove the utensil bins and racks

The two shelves of the dishwasher should be removed, including the utensil bins and any other pieces that aren’t part of the racks. If they are small enough, place them in the sink full of our vinegar formula. If the items are too big to fit in the sink, then just wipe it with the same vinegar.

3. Clean debris from dishwasher arm

Clear any debris out of the holes in the spinning arms. Check to make sure that all of your holes are open, because you want the water to run through them freely. If they are clogged, those holes will need to be cleaned in order for your dishwasher to run efficiently.

Use fine pointed or needle-nose pliers if you have some, but otherwise you can use a toothpick or anything similar. Make sure when using a metal point you don’t scratch anything. You should take your time and be careful.