Dryer Problems

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Dryer having problems with a loud dryer with heavy loads?

This could be caused by two very common things. The first one is the blower wheel, and the other is the idler pulley. Often the clamp that holds the blower onto the motor will become loose. You could just tighten this and the problem is solved. If it is the idler pulley this puts tension on the belt and will often squeal under a load. There are a some more things that can cause this, but they are less common than the first two. In the front of the dryer, at the bottom, there is a felt strip that goes halfway around the bottom. If the felt goes off its place then the drum can come forward and rub metal to metal in the front. There could also be a chance that something was left in your clothing, so it got stuck in the felt. Lastly, there could be a chance that the motor is bad, but this is very unlikely.

Dryer keeps shutting off after about 10 minutes.

If your dryer keeps shutting off after it has been running for a while, then this may mean that the motor is overheating. This problem could be solved by just cleaning the motor as best as possible with a vacuum and if you have access to compressed-air blow it out.

Dryer isn’t producing heat.

There could be three possible reasons why this is happening. Disconnect the dryer and remove the back of the dryer. After that, you will see the heater on the right side with two thermostats. Disconnect the wires off of the element and check for continuity, if it is open replace it. Then check from the terminal to ground and if you have continuity to ground replace the element. If the element is okay then pull the wires off the thermostat and check for continuity and if one is open replace both.

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