Dryer Repair Includes Free Service Call

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If you need a dryer repair and use Able Appliance Repair, you get the service call free! Dryer repair refers to fixing or restoring functionality to a clothes dryer that is not working properly. If your dryer isn’t operating correctly, contact us for a dryer repair today.

Clothes dryers are appliances that quickly dry clothes and other fabrics by tumbling them in a rotating drum while blowing warm air through them. Dryers, like any other household appliance, can experience malfunctions or breakdowns over time. Able Appliance Repair provides in-home dryer repair services for residential homeowners. We service all major brands of dryers and can complete almost 90% of repairs on the day of the appointment. Several possibilities might cause you to need a dryer repair, so it’s best to have the experts at Able Appliance review your machine. With so many parts and components to check, the experts know exactly what to look for and where to find it! Common issues that may require dryer repair include:

·        No Heat or Insufficient Heat: If the dryer is running but not producing enough heat, it may be due to issues with the heating element, thermal fuse, thermostat, or other related components.
·        Not Tumbling: A dryer that doesn’t tumble could have a problem with the drive belt, motor, or other mechanical components.
·        Excessive Noise: Unusual or loud noises during operation may indicate issues with the drum support rollers, idler pulley, or other moving parts.
·        Failure to Start: If the dryer doesn’t start when you press the start button, it could be due to problems with the door switch, thermal fuse, or the start switch itself.
·        Overheating: Overheating issues may result from a malfunctioning thermostat or blocked vents, which can pose a fire hazard.
·        Not Shutting Off: If the dryer continues to run even after the cycle is complete, it may be due to a faulty timer or control board.
·        Burning Smell: A burning smell during operation could indicate a problem with the heating element or other electrical components.

Repairing a dryer often involves diagnosing the specific issue, disassembling the appliance to access the faulty parts, and then either repairing or replacing those parts. It’s important to note that for safety reasons and to avoid causing further damage, individuals without experience in appliance repair should consider seeking the assistance of a qualified technician or repair service. The service call is free with any repair and is not limited to a dryer repair, as we offer repair services for many items listed on our website.

We service the Kansas City area, including the areas of Independence, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lenexa, Olathe, Overland Park, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Liberty, North Kansas City, Gladstone, Platte Woods, Parkville, and many more. We offer FREE service calls with a serviceable repair, like a dryer repair. We service all major brands of dryers. Brands such as LG, Samsung, Kenmore, Maytag, and many more. If you don’t see your dryer on our brand’s list – feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to work with you to repair your appliance! 

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