How Do I Know My Garbage Disposal Needs Repair?

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Garbage Disposal repair in Kansas City is as easy as calling Able Appliance Repair. Is your sink backing up? Are you unable to run your garbage disposal? Can the food you send down the drain not be chopped up? Is your disposal leaking underneath your sink?

There are many parts to a garbage disposal that can be assessed for optimum performance and determine if a garbage disposal repair is needed. This includes the electrical source, the disposal under-sink seal, the motor, the grinder, and the blades. A repair technician from Able Appliance Repair will assess the entire disposal unit to identify what is working correctly and what may be causing your issue. Our technician will also come equipped with all the tools to complete the job, saving you time and hassle during the repair. We even clean up when we’re done, so you’re not stuck with a mess!

Some signs you may need garbage disposal repair:

  • Your sink keeps clogging.
  • Your disposal takes a lot longer than usual to grind up waste.
  • Strange noises, especially the sound of metal on metal, can indicate broken or failing parts.
  • Smelly sink (all food that goes down the disposal should get flushed down with water, so if there’s a smell, it may mean something isn’t working as it should).
  • Your disposal won’t turn on, or the reset button won’t work.

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Able Appliance Repair was started in 1983 and is your trusted professional source for appliance repairs. We guarantee our work and have worked hard to earn a reputation as a trusted appliance repair company.

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