My Ice Maker Isn’t Making Ice. What Do I Do?

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Ice-Maker-Repair-02You’re getting ready to have friends over the weekend and want to stock up on ice, Only one problem? The ice maker isn’t making any ice. At Able Appliance, this is a common service call we make and can easily visit your residence for an ice maker repair. Our service calls are FREE with a repair. There are a few quick tricks you can try, though, before we get there.

Needs a New Water Filter

Every ice maker utilizes a water filter to make sure your ice is clear and pure. If it’s been sometime since you changed the filter, it has likely become clogged and the water can’t flow to the ice maker (you’ll probably notice fewer or smaller ice cubes before it totally clogs). The filter is generally located in the refrigerator so it doesn’t freeze.

Water Line is Frozen

Go behind the fridge and feel the water line. If it has become frozen, turn off the refrigerator and find the water shut off valve under your sink or behind the fridge. Once the power is off and the water turned off, you can grab a hair dryer and run it over the line or fill a turkey baster with warm water and pour over the water line. You can also let it defrost on its own.

After it has thawed, run the water line into a bucket to make sure the water is clear and translucent. Should it be any other color, contact Able Appliance immediately. Reconnect the line and turn the power back on. Listen for the water to run into the ice maker and give it some time to start making ice cubes.

Adjust the Ice Maker

In-freezer ice makers can be very temperamental if they’re not lined up properly. You may need to spend some extra time adjusting where the collection tray sits in the freezer or playing with the tone arm.

Able Appliance Can Fix Any Ice Maker Problem

While these are a few ways to trouble shoot an ice maker, there’s a lot that could go wrong. Fortunately, Able Appliance has experience technicians who are trained to work on most major brands. Contact Able Appliance any time you are having ice maker problems, and we’ll get to the bottom of it!