Questions And Answers About Ovens

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Oven Repair

You just got back from the store (where you probably spent more then you were supposed to) ready to make a delicious meal and suddenly your oven won’t turn on or heat to the right temperature!! Able is here to help troubleshoot unexpected malfunctions.


Instead of using the self-cleaning function, we recommend cleaning up spills, leaks and messes using drip pans when they occur rather then waiting until next time and baking them in more and making it harder on yourself later!

Oven won’t turn on

This is one of the most common problems we get calls about but one of the easiest to fix! Before you start ripping apart your oven or considering replacing it, make sure that it hasn’t been unplug from the wall and that the wires and outlet itself are in tip-top shape! It could also have no power because of the breaker or fuse, from there you can figure out if the problem is with the oven or the house itself.

No heat coming from oven

If you have a gas oven it could be something wrong with the ignition system. Some do need professional help but some you can repair on your own! If your pilot light is lit but still not heating then it could just be dirty, misplaced or something more serious.

Gas smell

This could be because your ignitor isn’t getting hot enough, fast enough. It could be because of old age or the oven getting more gas that has been filling the oven over time! If this is happening please call your Gas Company first then call us immediately to have us pull the oven out and closely inspected before deciding to replace or repair.

With there being so many things that can go right and wrong with your oven, gas or electric, there are only a few ways to protect your budget and appliances when they do go wrong. When doing your research on repair or replacing, just give Able Appliance Repair a call or send us an email and we will tell you if we think your oven will be worth repairing or just replacing!

Our service call is always $59.95 but FREE with repair and we offer 30 day service call warranty and a 90 day parts warranty! We look forward to hearing from you soon!