Questions and Answers About Washing Machines

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washing machine wash cycle

The technicians here at Able Appliance take great care when it comes to repairing and servicing the washing machine in your home. But we also like to take the time to help educate our clients and residents about the products that we service in order to provide you the best information possible when it comes to appliance repair. In this case, we’d like to take the time to discuss some questions about washing machines.

How washers work

The basic way a washer works is that the controls are set in your preferred wash cycle and water is injected by a water valve that fills the tub. The washer is usually stopped by a pressure switch that measures the water. When the water has been measured the machine goes into the wash cycle. This cycle mixes the detergent and moves the action for a set time. Then the clothes have to be rinsed. This happens by removing the dirty water and inserting fresh water.

The next cycle is called a rinse and spin cycle. This works by draining the rinse water and spraying the clothes as they spin. The final cycle for a washing machine is known as the final spin or drying cycle. This happens by the motor turning the tub at a high rate of speed and pumping the water out of the tub until the clothes cannot hold water.

Why is my washer producing an odor?

This may be because you are keeping your washer door closed while not in use. Keeping the door open allows air to circulate and dry out moisture that was remained. So, when keeping the door closed, the moisture will create odors. To get rid of these odors just follow these steps: First, fill the washer with hot water and set the washer at a regular speed and the longest wash cycle. Next, add ¾ of a water softening addictive, but if you can’t get that, then you may substitute either vinegar or baking soda. Now allow washer to complete the wash, and rinse cycle. Lastly, if you seem to still smell the odor, then make sure you are keeping your door open and repeat this process.

How do I remove the agitator?

If you need this removed, then you should call a technician. This is a job to be done by the professionals from Able Appliance.

Even after I wash my clothes, why is there lint on them?

Undissolved granulated detergent may create residue left behind on your clothing. To make sure that is really is detergent, rub the lint between your fingers, and if it’s detergent then it will spread.

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