Refrigerator Problems You May be Experiencing

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Your refrigerator is definitely one of your most important appliances in your home. Because of this, this appliance has to be running properly at all times. The following issues could possibly be a problem that is happening in your appliance, so use the steps of how to fix these problems.

A common problem for refrigerators is that it is cycling way too often. This problem will make a very loud and annoying noise, and it will cost you more money than what you are already spending because of how much more your appliance is cycling.

The cause of this problem could be happening because of the buildup of dust and debris, especially if you live in a home with pets and extra dust.

To fix this problem yourself you will have to cut power to your refrigerator. You may have to check, but most refrigerators have their condenser coils at the bottom, and these can be accessed from the front or back of your appliance. To get the coils, find the grill and pop it out of place to get rid of it. After you have popped it out of place, you can use a vacuum to remove the brunt of the buildup. If there is still lots of dust and debris, then just use a gentle cloth or brush to remove it. Now, you just need to remove the grill and restore the power of your refrigerator.

Another common problem that happens to refrigerators is that it is leaking water. It is never a good sign when you find puddles of water coming from your refrigerator. This is okay thought because it is very common and there is a for you to fix this.

A leaking refrigerator could be because your defrost drain is blocked. This could be caused by food or debris and dust blocking the drain hose. When the drain hose gets blocked, there is ice buildup, then, later on, this causes leaking from your refrigerator.

To fix the leaking, use warm water to try to flush out the drain inside of the freezer, using a small funnel or turkey baster. You may also use a pipe cleaner or a straight coat hanger to remove the clog. Your next option, if this method isn’t working, would be to manually remove the debris that’s clogging the check valve at the end of the drain hose.

You may be concerned when you see that there is ice buildup in your refrigerator, but there is a way to fix this.

The cause of the ice buildup could be because you left your refrigerator door open for too long. Because of this, it will increase the humidity level in the freezer, which makes the ice buildup and frost.

A very easy and simple way to fix this problem is to just make sure that you are closing your door and not keeping it open for too long. On the other hand, if your doors don’t shut on their own, then this is the reason why there is frost. To fix this problem, just pull your refrigerator away from your wall and get someone to lean the appliance back far enough for you to reach the two front pedestal feet. Now, screw both feet out a few turns. This will get your doors to shut on their own, and your frost is forever gone.