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Able Appliance Repair in Prairie Village offers a free service call with repair.  Call 913-381-2450 for fast, friendly, and efficient appliance repair services. Whatever your  service need, we’re here to help you with in home repairs for your refrigerator, stove, dryer, washer, garbage disposal, furnace, central air conditioning, dishwasher and more.

We charge by the job,not by the hour. Service call is FREE with repair!

Able Appliance Repair in Prairie Village, KS

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Monday – Friday: 8am to 6pm
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appliance repair prairie village

Serving Prairie Village and Kansas City for over 30 years

Able Appliance Repair has been serving the Prairie Village, Kansas area for over 30 years now. We love our Prairie Village customers not only because we enjoy the City of Trees, but because our appliance repair customers continually give referrals to friends and family. Thank you Prairie Village customers for helping Able Appliance Repair grow our business and support keeping Prairie Village appliances in good working condition.

The Able Appliance Repair technicians servicing the Prairie Village area, constantly comment on meeting the nicest people after repairing garbage disposals, dishwashers, heaters, air conditioners, or any appliance in the Prairie Village community.

When you find your appliances are not working right, call our Prairie Village location at 913-381-2450 for fast, friendly and affordable service. We continue to offer you Appliance Repair for only FREE for an in-home service call, which we’ll then give you FREE if you choose Able to perform your appliance repairs.