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Refrigerator Repair

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Refrigerator Repair Service in Kansas City Area

Do you need refrigerator repair services? We understand how frustrating is it to come home and find that your refrigerator is not keeping your food cold. We know how expensive food prices are and how you need help right away. Protect your investment by calling Able Appliance Repair to save your hard earned money with a fast, friendly and reliable refrigerator repair Kansas City.

Able Appliance will send one of our highly trained technicians to diagnose and repair your refrigerator at the fastest and most affordable cost possible. We are able to complete 83% of all refrigerator and appliance repairs on the same day as the service call. Our hours of operation Monday – Friday 8 Am to 6 Pm Sat 8 Am to 2 Pm Closed on Sunday.

Service calls are FREE with repair.

Phones are not answered on Saturdays & Sundays

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In Missouri call us at: 816-453-8650

In Kansas call us at: 913-648-8438

When your refrigerator stops cooling, call Able Appliance Repair and we will put the chill back in your food as soon as possible.

Refrigerator repairs in Kansas City, Olathe, Overland Park and more

We serve the enire Kansas City region but if you want to be sure we serve your community you can check our service area here.

We repair ALL major brands of refrigerators including GE, Maytag, Frigidaire, Amana, Whirlpool, SamsungKenmore and more. There is a list of brands we service here but if you don’t see yours, just give us a call and ask!

That’s what we do at Able Appliance Repair, your Kansas City refrigerator repair experts.

 Common Refrigerator Problems

Some of the more common problems that our customers are experiencing are evaporator fan motors and condenser fan motors. The evaporator fan motor has two purposes. First the fan forces warm air across the evaporator, which then forces the refrigerant in the evaporator to boil and turn the liquid into a cold gas. This is where your frost is created on the evaporator. The second purpose is to use the same air that is now cold to push through the duct work that supplies cold air to both the freezer and refrigerator.

The condenser fan motor has the purpose of removing heat from both the compressor and the condenser. This allows the cool and the boiled refrigerant back to a liquid state. It then runs back through the compressor to start the process over again by pumping the liquid refrigerant back to the evaporator to be boiled into a cold gas.

The problem with both of these fans are the result or the manufacturers having to meet the requirements of our EPA to lower the usage of power on the amps to operate what they call energy star appliances. The fans went from operating from 110 v fan motor to now operating from just 9 to 12 v DE power, the result is a shorter life of these two components. In the last five years our refrigerators have become very complicated to diagnose because they are operating from electric circuit boards to operate all functions.

It is now more important than ever to find a reliable, trustworthy refrigerator repair service that offers repairs at a reasonable price that consumers can fit in their budget in such a fragile and unstable economy. We at Able Appliance have always offered a FREE  service call with repair  and fast reliable service to the entire Kansas City metro area. Please help us help you by getting online and choosing the best company for your needs by checking our reviews from our Kansas City customer base. Thank you from our entire family at Able Appliance

Service calls are  FREE with Repair and this hasn’t changed for 30 Years!

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Independence, MO: (816) 254-5350

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Kansas City: (816) 453-8650

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Olathe, KS: (913) 764-2200

Overland Park, KS: (913) 254-7066

Prairie Village, KS: (913) 381-2450

Blue Springs, Mo: (816) 220-4737