Should I do yearly maintenance on my HVAC system?

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HVAC System

We get a lot of questions about appliance repair and maintenance at Able Appliance. One question that we get asked frequently is “Should I do yearly maintenance on my HVAC system?”

The answer is YES!

Why is yearly heating and cooling maintenance so Important?

The purpose of maintenance is to keep your HVAC system up and running all season long with no breakdowns, while operating at top efficiency.

Benefits of annual HVAC maintenance:

  • Lower energy bills- A neglected system slowly loses its ability to keep your home comfortable at the same level of efficiency it once did. Just as a car tune-up delivers better gas mileage, your HVAC system consumes less fuel after receiving professional maintenance.
  • Safer equipment operation- For example, if the furnace develops a crack in the heat exchanger, carbon monoxide gas can escape and poison the air you breathe. Also, electric HVAC systems can develop a short circuit, which is a fire hazard if ignored. Your family’s safety is yet another reason to schedule annual HVAC maintenance!
  • · Fewer Repairs- Do you hear a strange sound or notice an odor coming from your furnace? Calling for a tune up right away could help catch problems before they become serious. a fraying belt could result in strange operating noises. If a technician replaces it in time, you can avoid the expensive repair that results from a snapped belt. Annual maintenance pays for itself!