Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

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Is your washing machine making some strange noises? Is your washer leaking in spots or making a strange, smelly odor?

Able Appliance offers some simple solutions to help assess some common washing machine problems.


If your washer is making strange noises then this could most likely be caused by either clogged drains, internal sensors, or something that got stuck in your washer. Humming sounds can be because something is jammed into your pump. This can be solved by removing the item/s from the pump, and replace if needed. Clicking sounds could possibly mean that an object got caught in your washers drain. To solve this, just simply check your drain and remove the object/s that were caught. Lastly, if you hear a very loud gurgling sound, then this is most likely caused by your drain line being partially blocked. Before a real problem occurs, check the line and remove the blockage.


Usually, when your washer is leaking, you don’t need repair, and it could just take easy repairs to bring it back to new. The simple problems could include worn out hose washers, clogged drains, hoses aren’t inserted properly, or you have an unbalanced washer. For a worn out hose washer, you can check your water lines/faucets to assure they aren’t leaking. For clogged drains, you can just ensure that the washer is properly draining. if it isn’t draining properly then check your drain hose, and pick out anything that may be stuck inside like hair, lint, etc. For unattached noses, make sure, firstly, that they are tightened correctly, then check the hose washers for damage or cracks. Lastly, for unbalanced washers, check to make sure that your washer is balanced, and if your washer basket is not unaligned.

Dispensers Are Still Full

One of the most frequently occurring problems with the use of an automatic dispenser malfunctioning is filling your dispenser with the wrong formula, or it could be a lack of cleaning. Double check your washers manual to make sure that you are using the correct detergent formula. Also, make sure to prevent this problem by cleaning out the dispenser just about every month.

Odors and Smells

If you start smelling your washer, then it could be a simple fix. try using the proper amount of detergent if you aren’t already. This would be important because excessive suds and detergent will leave dirty residue on the parts of the washer, then trap the odors. If you use the proper amount of detergent then try cleaning your washer once a month to prevent the smell. Another solution to odors could possibly be mold or mildew, in which would be caused by an issue with moisture.

Vibrating and Shaking

If your washer is vibrating then it could be caused by unlocked washer feet, an unbalanced load of laundry, or your washer might not be leveled. Check your washers manual to check how much weight your washer can hold during a load, and make sure that your clothes makeup only enough room where they can move freely. Also, you may need to check your washing machine to see if it’s level, and if not then you might need to place a 3/4 inch piece of plywood under your washer. Lastly, you can always adjust your washers legs for the right height, which will limit the vibrating.

If you are still experiencing issues with your washing machine, do not hesitate to contact Able Appliance for your washing machine repair needs. We service all makes and models for washing machine repair.