Washer Repair in Kansas City

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When it comes to washer repair, you can trust our technicians to diagnose and repair any washing machine problems that you may be having in your home or business. We provide in-home washer repair services to the entire Kansas City region, and we service all major brands! Call Able Appliance Repair for your washer repair needs today – trust the professionals!

The problem with washing machines is that even though they basically all work the same, they are very different from each other. One washer repair could be vastly different from the next, and since they all work with water it could be a similar problem, or something on the opposite spectrum. All washing machines have water related problems such as calcium build up and rust, just to name a few. No matter what the issue is, we’ve seen it all when it comes to washer repair.

Typically washing machines can run a long time without needing a major repair, but every once in a while, you will need a washer repair. Here are some simple tips to keep your washing machine in optimal performance:

  • Fabric Softeners – Fabric softeners are waxy and can build up in the washer if introduced undiluted. Mix well with water before using in your washer. We typically recommend a 3:1 ratio when using fabric softer as to avoid needing washer repair services.
  • Washing Machine Overload – Always avoid overloading the washer! Add clothes until the unit is filled to just below the top of the agitator axle without packing down the clothes.  An overloaded washer strains the motor and transmission, shortening the lifespan and increasing your chances of needing a washer repair.
  • Clean Supply Hose Intake Screens – This should be done once a month. Remove and clean the intake screens where water supply hoses enter the washer. These screens get clogged with sediment and/or mineral buildup. Be extra careful when removing and replacing hoses, as the plastic threads on the intakes at the back of the washer are easily stripped. Every five years you should replace the rubber water-supply hoses, or more frequently if they’re splitting, cracking, or are losing flexibility. Rubber replacement hoses last five years, but hoses that use a braided jacket of stainless steel last at least twice as long, but they are more costly.

Any homeowner should be able to do these simple things, and with these tips make the life of their washing machine last longer. Should you have any trouble doing washer repairs and maintenance yourself, contact the appliance repair experts at Able Appliance today for help.

We like to take the time to help educate our clients and residents about the products that we service in order to provide you the best information possible when it comes to washer repair. We service all major brands of washing machines, and all service calls are FREE with qualified repairs! We service the entire Kansas City metro region including North Kansas City, Liberty, Gladstone, Platte Woods, Weatherby Lake, Independence, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lenexa, Olathe, Overland Park, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit and many more. Contact us today for all your washer repair needs!

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