We Service Most Major Oven Repair Brands

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If you have to call for an oven repair – call the best at Able Appliance Repair. The worst way to end a long day is to come home and find the thing you need most, the oven, isn’t working and now you need to call an oven repair service. Our technicians at Able Appliance Repair can assist you with some issues and if need be, do a service call.

We can repair most major brands of ovens, stoves, and ranges! Our repair technicians are experienced, have trucks full of replacement parts and solve most repair issues on the same day as your service call, at least 90% of the time. With there being a big variety of issues that could happen with your oven – gas or electric, there are only a few ways to protect your appliances (and your budget) when things go wrong. Some common oven repair issues include:

  • Oven Won’t Turn On: While this is a common oven repair ‘problem’ we encounter, but the easiest to fix! Before you start ripping apart your oven or consider buying a new one, make sure that it isn’t unplugged from the wall, and that the wires and outlet itself are in good shape! It could also have no power because of a breaker or fuse, those would be the first to check so you can figure out if the problem is with the oven or the house itself.
  • No Heat Coming from Oven: For a gas oven it could be something wrong with the ignition system. Some do need professional oven repair, but some you can fix on your own! If your pilot light is lit but your oven is still not heating then it could just be dirty, misplaced, or possibly something more serious.
  • Gas Smell: This could be because your ignitor isn’t getting hot enough, fast enough. It could also be because of old age or even the oven getting more gas than needed, that has been filling the oven over a period of time! If this is happening, please call your local gas company first then call us immediately. We will pull the oven out and closely inspect it before deciding the necessary oven repair.

We service most major brands including LG, GE, Samsung, Amana and more! You can check our list here. Able Appliance Repair was founded in Kansas City in 1983 as a one person operation. In the over 20 years since, we have been able to grow to a staff of 20 through hard work. We service the Kansas City metro region including Independence, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lenexa, Olathe, Overland Park, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit and many more. Our service call is FREE with an oven repair. Call one of our locations today or contact us online!

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