Why You Need to be Changing Your Furnace’s Air Filter

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At Able Appliance, our heating technicians frequently receive questions from our customers about their home furnace filters from when to change them—between one to three months depending on the filter—to why they even need them at all. While you may think a furnace filter is just another unnecessary expense, changing your filter regularly will save you money in the long run and keep you healthier. These are the top reasons why you need to be changing your furnace filter.

Make Your Furnace Last Longer

One of the primary factors why we get called for furnace repair in the Kansas City area has to do with furnace filters not getting changed. When an air filter gets clogged the dirt goes everywhere else in your unit, which makes the furnace have to work harder. Parts break down and if your furnace is on the older side, it could put it over the edge. Clean furnace filters and regular heating service will keep your furnace running longer.

Lower Your Monthly Bills

If your furnace is working harder, it sucks up more electricity. You could be spending anywhere from 5 to 15% more a month. The average US family already spends about $2000 a year on their electric bills. Do you really want to be spending even more?

Healthier Air

The way an air filter works is it should work like an air purifier to remove the dirt, dust, and hair floating around your home or business so you breathe in clean air and stay healthier. Now with a dirty air filter all that dust, dirt, and pet hair is what you’re breathing in. This can irritate allergies and even make you sick. If you do have allergies, you can buy specific furnace filters for allergies that we can recommend.

A Cleaner Furnace

In addition to you staying healthier, a clean heating filter keeps your furnace healthy. You’ll spend less on unexpected repairs and broken parts, have lower monthly bills, and your furnace will last longer.

Let Able Appliance Help Keep Your Heating System Running Smoothly

If you’re not sure what the best furnace filter is for heating system or when to change it, contact Able Appliance at (913) 648-8438 for Kansas or (816) 453-8650 for Missouri. We’re happy to help you with all of your heating service needs from furnaces to repairs and routine maintenance!