Winter Checklist For Your Appliances

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With the holiday season upon us, it’s important to give your appliances the attention they need so that you’ll be able to entertain worry-free this season. Proper winterization involves a systematic review of your home’s appliances as well as the critical structural and mechanical systems. Take care of these elements before winter, so you can enjoy the snow in cozy comfort and not worry about your home appliances breaking down when you need them the most.

Here’s a useful checklist that you can run through to makes sure that you don’t run into any issues with your appliances when you need to get that holiday dinner on the table!

Check your oven temperature

Use a good heat resistant temperature device and turn your oven up to 300, then 400, etc.  Check the device to make sure the oven temperature is correct.

Clean or wash the filter above the stove

The exhaust filters above the stove can get clogged by grease and dust.  They are less effective if dirty.  Take the filters off, soak in hot water with baking soda and vinegar.  Then rinse, wipe, and replace. 

Change your furnace heater filters

These should be changed monthly but quarterly would be fine as long as they get changed.  Buy a few extra to keep on hand.

Clean out your dryer vent for lint

Run your vacuum hose around the lint collector, remove the back hose and blow it out or call an expert to clean your dryer vent to prevent damage, help your dryer operate efficiently and to prevent fires.

Prep pipes for frozen water lines

Wrap exposed pipes with some form of pipe wrap insulation to prevent freezing. 

Use your oven self-clean function

If your oven has a self-clean function setting, see your owner’s manual and run this to thoroughly clean your oven. The oven will lock until it has cleaned. 

Run vinegar or baking soda rinse through your dishwasher

Set a cup of vinegar on the bottom rack in a dishwasher safe bowl. Run the dishwasher on the HOT water cycle.  This will help eliminate the residue buildup, grime and odor.  Use baking soda by sprinkling 1/3 cup along the edges of the dishwasher, running on a hot water cycle will clean and deodorize. 

Need extra help with your appliances?

Let the appliance repair team at Able Appliance lend a hand with any winter appliance preparation or repairs for your small business or home. Contact us today to schedule a service call!